Aim Carrom Mod Apk V2.6.9 Free Download Latest Version (Premium Unlocked)

Aim Carrom Mod Apk V2.6.9 Free Download Latest Version (Premium Unlocked)

Aim Carrom Mod Apk is the most famous version in the Aim Carrom Mod Apk series of publisher tangbei0727

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Games
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  • No ads allowed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Multiplayer
  • Graphics
  • Sound effects
Sep 7, 2022
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The aim carrom mod apk is a well-designed game that Aim Carrom publishers. It’s one of the best to upgrade your carrom game. In it, gamers will get a lot, including many advanced indirect shots and tricky puck, and because of these advanced tools, anybody can win all the carrom games. Additionally, these tools work on all carrom tables.

That’s why you can become a pro in carrom games. However, direct shots are only available in aim carrom apk, and players can earn more coins. There’s no need to sign up for the app; you can log in with your Google and get access to every tool right after installing it. But better to go for the newest version. So download aim carrom 2.6.1 mod apk to become a carrom master and win every tournament and match.

Additional Information:

App name Aim carrom mod apk
Size 17 MB
Version 2.6.7v
Developer Tangbei0727
Requirements 5.0 and up
Category Tools
Mod features Premium unlocked

Aim Carrom Overview:

The aim carrom apk mod is very secure because it’s been tested by professional authorities before publishing. So, there’s no chance of any harm to your device because it’s the most secure and safe tool for your carrom games. Also, comparing this tool with other tools of the carrot game will prove how unique the aim carrom latest version is.

Additionally, it’s a very smooth gameplay so that everyone can play it simultaneously with all its characteristics and aspects. None of the elements will create any difficulties for the players, which will only benefit your game. You have to set aiming angles while targeting, and that’s how you can kick your target without any miss.

Features of Aim Cool for Carrom Pool:

  • Registration is not necessary:

To start using the aim carrom mod apk shah, gamers have to download the app, and after that, there’s no such requirement of registration to start enjoying the game further. Players have to sign in with their google id as they do with other apps, and this sign will be enough to start playing. So, don’t worry about any registration process because it doesn’t even exist.

  • Win more matches:

If you’re playing any carrom game but not good at winning, then aim best mod apk is the only solution to keep yourself safe from losing game. Because the tool will help you play with more benefits and due to these excellent and extra characteristics you can win more matches and be a master in playing carrom. Also, it’s not only for winning but also to add more amusement and interest in the game.

  • Ball sights:

Playing carrom might be easy, but winning carrom isn’t easy because players must have to set aiming accurately and that’s a big deal, but ball sights in aim carrom pool game will help you to aim your sight properly without going it to be missed. That’s why your winning chance will be more than your losing chances. So if you use these sights carefully, you can win all the matches and tournaments.

  • Upgrades and powerup:

Gameplay will offer everyone many powerups and upgrades while playing. All these powerups and upgrades will help you to improve the accuracy and aim. You won’t have to pay for these powerups because you can earn them by playing well.

  • Extent your sight:

The game is a brilliant tool that will give you a surety of winning. Because players can extend their sight through this tool, they can imagine with a straight line where the ball will go after the shot. Additionally, once you know it’s not going in the right direction, you can change your sight. Otherwise, you can give it a shot if you’re getting the correct shot.

Mod Features

No ads allowed:

While playing your favorite pool game, gamers will have this great chance to play the game without watching any single advertisement. Yes, the game has blocked all unnecessary and necessary third-party advertisements.

As it’s always irritated the gamers, and sometimes it distracts them, and that’s how they lose. But as the aim carrom 2.6.7, mod apk is fully advertisement free. So enjoy it as much as you want.

Mobile friendly:

No need to go for PCs and any more significant screen devices if you don’t like them.

The aim carrom is a very smooth and mobile-friendly game. That’s why you can enjoy it on your mobile screens.

Meanwhile, you can carry your mobile device anywhere to play it anywhere without difficulties.

Though you can’t take your PC or laptop anywhere, mobile can.

That’s why they developed it to be friendlier for mobile screens to provide ease to gamers.

Premium tool and feature:

However, the other pool carrom games have many unique features, but all of them will be premium. To use those premium features, you’ll have to unlock them first. But in Aim carrom mod game, no premium tool and feature available. It doesn’t mean you won’t have any advanced features because everyone will have all the advanced features, but it won’t show as premium. They will be included and easily accessible after you download aim carrom.


Having multiplayer in a game is heaven for the players, and only the gamers can understand the value of this mode. As they know they can enjoy playing carrom with other friends and loved ones because of this mode.

Additionally, you can challenge online to any of your friends who has this game. Though, you can not only enjoy it with your real-life friends but also with all the players from all around the world.


The graphics of the aim carrom game is for all types of devices, and it’ll be shown the same in all. However, all the effects are evident and beautiful. Even the players will be able to see all the carrom players in great detail.

So, playing it on a high or low screen doesn’t matter because the advanced graphics quality will remain the same. Due to high-quality graphics, gamers will feel the vibes of a realistic carrom game.

Sound effects:

The sound effects are nearly as accurate. All strikes will sound unmistakably as a result. Also, the sound of the carrom pieces hitting and falling into pockets will be realistic. You’ll become addicted to the gameplay because of the immersive sound and visuals of the aim carrom.

Easy control:

Controlling in the game is very easy. Even hitting the strike is as easy as tapping on the device screen. The game is very simple to understand, so if you are new to pool carrom games, don’t worry. So learning the skills and tricks is not very difficult in this game.

Fully secured:

Before downloading anything, security is the priority of any user. It is for this reason that developers designed aim carrom to be the most secure. Users will be provided with safety by the security. The pool game won’t cause any harm to the user’s device and will keep saving the content on their mobile devices. Feel free to download it now without thinking about the security.

Everything free:

There is no game registration required; that’s why players can download it free of cost.

Including downloading aim carrom playing it also free of charge. So stop thinking about spending money to play any actual and realistic carrom game. Because you’ve already a realistic carrom game free.

Gamers reviews: 

  • I never get satisfied with any carrot game until I found the aim carrom pool game. I enjoy playing it a lot on my mobile phone. Also, I enjoy it more while waiting for someone or something as I can pass my time peacefully with some fun, unlike before getting bored in my leisure time.
  • I downloaded this game after seeing reviews from other gamers. I wasn’t sure about the game, but after playing it once, I fell in love with it, and now it has become one of my favorite games. So, there’s not to think about before downloading the game. Just download it, and you’ll surely like it.
  • I never liked playing pool carrot games until I played aim carrom. I played it on my friend’s phone, and after playing it once, I downloaded it on my mobile device. Now, this is my favorite game to play, even though I can enjoy it playing at my workplace as well.

How to install it on Android?

  1. If you already have any version of aim carrom apk, then delete it because it’s necessary to delete it if you want to download the latest version.
  2. It might show some hurdles while downloading. So, enabling “unknown sources” is better to avoid these unnecessary hurdles is better.
  3. Make sure to have an internet connection with good speed. So it won’t take much time to download.
  4. Download apk file when you’re done with the downloading.
  5. Enjoy playing the epic carrom game with unique tools.

How to install it on a PC?

  1. To enjoy the game on your PC is not that difficult.
  2. Download bluestacks first to start the procedure of the game’s downloading.
  3. Once you’re done with installing bluestacks, it’ll take a few minutes for the program to run.
  4. After all this, the game will launch on your PC.
  5. Enjoy playing it on a bigger screen without any further requirements and difficulties.

How to install it on Mac?

  1. Downloading any game in MAC is impossible without installing Bluestacks.
  2. So start the procedure with the installation of Bluestacks.
  3. Then you’ll see the search bar on the right hand.
  4. You can search for the game, and the game name will pop up on your screen.
  5. Touch on the name, and the downloading will start.
  6. The game name icon will show on the home screen of your Mac device.

What’s new?

  • Easy signup using google I’d.
  • No registration is needed anymore.
  • Security gets upgraded to provide safety
  • All the premium features are unlocked
  • More chances of winning


  • Can we download this game on our PC? If we’re not comfortable playing it on our mobile devices?

Yeah, of course. Anybody can download it on their PC by following the steps mentioned above. The game quality and offers will remain the same, no matter which device you play.

  • What is the size of the carrom game, and how much space does it require in our device?

The application size is 17MB, and it only requires around 5.0 in any device, which is not a larger space.

  • Who published this game, and what’s the newest version?

Aim Carrom published the game, and 2.6.7 is the newest version of it.

  • Which version should we download to enjoy everything new?

To avail of everything new and latest, download aim carrom mod apk 2.6.7 as it’s the current and updated version.

  • How much do we have to pay to download the pool carrom?

Not a single penny, all the services, including old and new, are carefully free of charge.


To upgrade your carrom game skills, download aim carrom mod apk, where you can not only learn but also have a higher chance of winning all the matches you’re participating in. Moreover, the game charges nothing. So unlike other carrom games, you don’t have to pay to enjoy and play. Apart from all this, the game is worth playing, so giving it a try isn’t bad. Also have a great passage of time with its amazing features.

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