Grayland Mod Apk v1.10.25.01960

Grayland Mod Apk v1.10.25.01960

GRAYLAND MOD APK is the most famous version in the GRAYLAND MOD APK series of publisher 1DER Entertainment

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
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MOD Features
  • Heart catching story
  • Eye catching boss fights
  • Challemging levels
  • Gloomy tones
20. Jan 2021
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Grayland MOD apk is the modded that is to say modified version of the original Grayland game. In this write up we will be discussing the various features that come with its modded version such as access to free customization of your character. In addition to that as always, we have a section specifically designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers.

There is also in installation guide available at the end of this article.

So, what are you waiting for download the game today by clicking on our one click instant download link given at the end of this article.

GRAYLAND MOD APK free gems GRAYLAND MOD APK unlocked everything

Additional information

Size 61.77 MB
Publishing authority 1Der Entertainment
MOD Unlimited shoppping
Genre Action

Grayland MOD apk overview

Grayland MOD apk is basically a fantasy simulation game whereby the main character is a bird. The player plays the role of a bird whose loved ones have been lost admits a war going on between humans and aliens.

The bird now has to gear up using all its resources and go after finding its loved ones. There are many enemies along the way, many levels to pass but the bird is determined.

Normally, to customize the main character of the bird you have to use money for access to the shop and do shopping but in interesting turn of events here at 9 apps apk you will get the modified version of the game which comes with free premium access to shopping.

GRAYLAND MOD APK download free v1.10.25

Some of the more features that come with the modded version of this game are;

MOD Features Of Grayland Mod Apk 

1-Heart catching story

The story of a bird caught admits the drama and tragedy of humans war is heart breaking and truly a touchy story. The way that the bird has to go against all the odd in the search of its loved ones is amazing and makes us think about the gloominess that wars bring with them not only on humans but on all living beings.

2-Eye catching boss fights

The way that the little bird is all determined and set to fight even the biggest bosses is inspiring. The fights are honestly eye catching and very entertain since they keep u entertained for long periods of time.

3- Amazingly interesting atmosphere

The atmosphere is very interesting. The way that the creators of the game have managed to show the bombings, the human soldiers using tanks to fight with aliens, the way that the game has highlighted the part that human wars play in disrupting the natural balance of life is interesting. Its Internet and intriguing environment is what keeps the players hooked to the game.

4-Challemging levels

The levels keep on growing in their areas of difficulty from easy levels towards hard levels. The enemies that the player has to fight become stronger with every passing level so it is very important to recognize and analyses the food that your bird is easting and the amount of injuries that the bird has sustained in order to win and pass these levels.

5-Customization available

Colour customization is available for your character at the very beginning of the game. You are allowed to choose the colour and pattern that you want your bird to be of.

6- Smooth character control system

The character control system is completely smooth and easy in the game. A circulate pattern type control system is provided set the top of the screen whereby you can control the directions and movements of your bird.

7- Gloomy tones

The tones of the whole game and its environment are very gloomy and gray like as the name Grayland indicates. The gloomy tones are kept to throw some light one the fact that the world is going through series of wars and everything is gloomy.

8- Audio and Visual System

The game has an amazing three-dimensional graphic system and with mind blowing audio quality to help you play for longer times with ease.

GRAYLAND MOD APK various locations GRAYLAND MOD APK multiple missions

Users Reviews

1- I have been playing many games since my childhood. As I played more and more games, I started noticing that almost all the games had a similar story and similar results. This took away the dopamine rush that I previously used to get by playing different and adventurous games. This was the case until I discovered Grayland MOD apk. My life has never been the same.

2- While playing garland apk game I often wished I had more access to the free shopping materials, but dint have money. One of my friends told me about this amazingly modded apps thing at first, I didn’t believe but when I checked out the website of 9 apps apk I was so happy. I instantly downloaded the games modded version and started playing it.


1) What if the modded application is not safe to be downloaded on my personal device?

We, here at, 9apps apk, ensure you of the safety of our applications. Please feel free to download our modded apps on any device without the fear of viruses inculcating your device.

2) Can I download this game application on my iOS device too?

Yes, you can easily download our modded version of this game your iOS devices, this however requires the installation of a well-known Emulator software known as blue stacks.

3) What amount of storage on my phone is sufficient for me to be able to download this app?

You only require a little amount of storage on your phone to be able download this game. The size of this version is only 143 MB which allows you to keep much of your phone storage free and valuable.

Installation guide GRAYLAND MOD APK 

How to download it on Android Devices

  1. Open your devices.
  2. Go to Google chrome and search for the application on 9 apps apk website.
  3. Go to setting and change the settings for u known resources to accept.
  4. Begin downloading the application.
  5. Once it has been completely downloaded, you can run the application and start playing your royal battlefield.

How to download it on PC devices

  1. Switch on your PC device.
  2. Download a very well-known Emulator the Blue stacks.
  3. You can now begin to download the application in the same way as you did with the android device


We hope that this write up has cleared your queries and provided you an insight on what the game is like. So, what are you waiting for! Download the game today and start playing. Feel free to leave your reviews and suggestions in the comments section below.

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