Loklok Mod Apk v1.11.0 (no-ads premium unlocked anime tv show) download for android

Loklok Mod Apk v1.11.0 (no-ads premium unlocked anime tv show) download for android

Loklok Mod Apk is the most famous version in the Loklok Mod Apk series of publisher Lok Studio

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Apps
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  • Advertisement free app:
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Aug 17, 2022
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With LokLok, you get never-ending entertainment and access to all the latest content available on the internet. Guillermo Landin develops the app. The LOKLOK MOD APK primary purpose is to pleasure watching movies without asking them to pay. Users can also build a library of their favorite movies to watch them all line by line. Also, the users will get all types of content on the same platform, including funny, action, thrilling, adventurous, romantic, and many more.

It’s also allowed to choose the quality of your streaming according to the internet quality. Apart from all this, users can search for anything through the search bar; that’s how they won’t have to find any movie among thousands. You can download these moves and shows as well without having an internet connection. You can share these downloaded videos to anyone. So download loklok mod apk 2022 version and keep yourself entertained without investing.

Additional Information:

App name Loklok apk mod
Size 39MB
Requirements 5.0 and up
Category Entertainment
Mod features Ads free
Publisher Guillermo landin
Version 1.8.5v

Lok Lok App Overview:

In comparison to other live movie streaming apps, you’ll find the Loklok app to be much better. Nevertheless, it will offer users a variety of features and options to spice up their entertainment experience beyond just streaming movies.

Moreover, in terms of security, this streaming app never disappoints, as it provides safety and security for your device and for forte content. It has many other unique options, and getting ads-free service is one of those unique qualities. While watching your favorite movies on Lok Lok app, you won’t be forced to watch any ads if you don’t like watching them during movie streaming.


  • Subtitles in any language:

Most people prefer to watch movies with subtitles, but not everyone can understand one language while watching with subtitles. Users can select their native language for the subtitles to enjoy the movie or show the most. Though there are many language options, none of them you’ll get locked or blocked. Users will have full access to all the languages. Also, they can switch to another language whenever they want.

  • Anime and web series:

Currently, web and anime series are trending among viewers. That’s why the loklok movie app had various options based on web and anime. You’ll have many options for this app regarding anime or web series. Such as Attack on Titan, Naruto, and many more. You’ll also be able to watch all the anime and web shoes you’ve never seen on Tv. Everyone can watch all the latest shows and movies in these categories.

  • Search bar:

However, the application has thousands of movies and shows, but finding any specific movie or shows is not a big deal in loklok apk mirror because users will have a search bar. In that search bar, they can write any movie or shoe name. It’ll appear on your screen, and they can select to watch from there. Also, as a result, they’ll get many other movies and shows’ names related to the movie they searched for.

  • HD Quality:

Watching movies and shows in HD quality is the priority of the users. Developers knew about it. They added the HD quality option in loklok 1.6.0 mod apk. So that the viewers can enjoy the clear and sharp video quality, even if you’re watching it on any low device, still you’ll be able to watch it with the high video quality. Loklok apk old version also has excellent video quality, but the latest edition has better than that.

  • Enjoy watching with friends:

You can also arrange to get together to enjoy watching movies and shows with your friends and family. That’s how users can keep themselves connected with their loved ones through the loklok movie streaming app. additionally, they can make worthy memories with people by arranging the movie night at their place. Moreover, there’s nothing like signing up or account making. So it’s effortless to use.

  • Save viewing history:

Saving your viewing history is one of the best options for those who like to rewatch their favorite shows and movies. Whatever you’ll watch will be saved in your history, and from there, you can easily pick any movie or show you’ve watched earlier. Though, you can delete the view history anytime you want. Also, you can turn off the chat history if you don’t want to save anything in history.

  • Introduction and summary:

If you’ve never watched any specific movie or show before starting to watch, you want to know that it is worth watching. Then, in that case, the summary and the introduction of the movie and show will help you to find out. Additionally, this summary and introduction option will help you have time because you won’t have to watch non-worthy content.

  • Build library:

After installing the application on any device, users can build a library from the content they want t watch. They can select all their favorite shows and movies and line them up in that library, and that’s how they’ll be able to each them all one by one, and every time they won’t have to find or select the movie to watch when they build a library before watching.

  • Different categories:

Different people have different tastes when it comes to watching movies. But loklok mod apk premium latest version is for everyone because it does provide all the content for all types of people. Such as thrill, drama, action, romance, adventure, Sci-fi, and much more. Fortunately, all types of content are easily accessible and just one search away on the loklok app.

Mod features:

  • Stream anywhere:

Streaming anywhere means you can start watching movies and shows anywhere, even outside, because the loklok apk doesn’t require an internet connection. That’s why viewers can enjoy it anywhere. Also, the app can help everyone spend time watching excellent content without getting paid. They can turn their boring time into an entertaining one. Moreover, because of this feature, nobody will have to download any movie and show from the app to watch when they don’t have an internet connection.

  • Advertisement free app:

The loklok has this fantastic feature of not showing a single ad. Nobody will have to watch a single ad while watching anything through this feature. Additionally, when anyone starts downloading it, even at that time, it won’t show any advertisement. However, unlike other apps, users won’t have to pay anything to watch advertisement-free content as they can do it in this app without paying.

  • Visual quality:

Visual and audio sound matters a lot when watching shows and movies peacefully. The audio sound of all the movies and shows is apparent and easy to understand. Audio sound will b better than in the original movies. Also, the sound won’t have any glitches and will be completely clear and easily understandable.

  • Download videos:

The downloading option is also available; users can also download videos and share the downloaded content with others. They can share it with their friends and loved ones. However, the downloading won’t cost anything to anyone.

  • No premium thing:

Download loklok apk for android tv, loklok mod apk for pc, or loklok apk ios is all the forms users will have all the advanced features unlocked and unblocked as no feature or tool is premium, that’s why nothing will show as premium. So feel free to download the app and not worry about paying premium charges.

  • Security:

Using such apps always worries the viewers because they’re very much concerned about their privacy, the content on their devices, and the safety of their devices. That’s what the loklok app will serve them quality content with super security and safety.

  • Free of charge:

Nobody will ask for a single penny to pay to any user. From downloading loklok to using the app, including watching movies and shows in HD quality, downloading anything, and choosing any language for subtitles, everything is free of cost. Also, the offer is not for a specific time; you’ll have to pay because it is for a lifetime, and you won’t have to pay even after using it thousands of times.

Users Reviews:

  • I was trying to find something to spend my leisure time, and then I found the loklok app, which brings so much fun and entertainment to my boring life. I recommend it to everyone to spend there their time doing something fun.
  • I usually don’t have an internet connection still loklok app is always there for me. As I don’t need an internet connection to use this fantastic app, I can fully enjoy everything in the same advanced quality without a data connection.
  • Someone recommended this application, and then I downloaded it, and to my surprise, it was more than my expectations as I’m a huge fan of anime, web series, and movies. Now I can enjoy them in a simple application without getting paid.

How to install it on Android:

  1. You must have to delete the old version of the loklok application.
  2. After deleting it click on the given button to start downloading.
  3. If you go through hurdles while downloading, enable “unknown sources” from your device’s setting to allow the third-party app.
  4. Install the Apk file of this streaming app right after completing the download.
  5. Start enjoying unpaid entertainment.

How to install it on a PC?

  1. To download it on Pc, it’s simple, and you have to download bluestacks.
  2. After you download bluestacks, it’ll take a few minutes until your program runs.
  3. This procedure won’t take much longer, and the application will launch on your Pc without further requirements.

How to install it on Mac?

  1. Installation of bluestacks is compulsory to download the app on Mac.
  2. Then you’ll see the search bar at the right corner of the page.
  3. Go to the search be and write the application name.
  4. The loklok app name will pop up right after the search.
  5. Select the app name to start the downloading procedure.
  6. The icon will itself show up on your home page after being downloaded.

What’s new?

Get the latest Loklok apk if you want to enjoy all the latest features. A number of features have been added to the app, including audio sound improvement, an increase in subtitle languages, and additions to many shows and movies. Additionally, it offers many other tools and features, including HD video. To enjoy everything, users must download the latest version.


What kind of movies and shows the application has?

The application has all types of shows and movies, including romantic, action, thriller, Sci-Fi, and many more. Additionally, the app has web and anime series and shows as well.

In which quality can users watch movies?

Users will have video quality from 1080p to HD and access to all the quality options. So they can choose any quality among all.

Can we use the loklok app without having an internet connection?

Yes, anybody can use the loklok app without having an internet connection. They can choose anything to watch even if they don’t have data. That’s why they can watch anything anywhere.

What is the current version of the loklok app, and how much space does it take?

The newest version of the loklok app is 1.8.5, which takes around 3.5 on your devices.


In conclusion, the loklok apk mod, you can now enjoy the colorful world of series and movies to your hearts’ content. Additionally, the advanced features will add more fun to the app. Users can also download anything through the app if they want t to send anything for watching to their loved ones. Though the application is free of cost, it still won’t harm the user’s device, not their content.

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