Minion Rush Mod Apk v9.1.0g

Minion Rush Mod Apk v9.1.0g

Minion Rush MOD APK is the most famous version in the Minion Rush MOD APK series of publisher Gameloft SE

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Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Games
File Size
103 MB
MOD Features
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited tokens and bananas
01 March 2023
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5.0 ( 388 ratings )
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Minion Rush Mod Apk is a sole runner-up game that is developed in collaboration of Universal partnership & Licensing and Illumination entertainment that provides the same quality gameplay without charging anything. This game based on minion characters is also a great way for anyone who has watched a Despicable movie to experience these minions realistically.

There will be feelings between the players and Mel, Carl, and Jerry, and challenges among all the minions will be played. Despite the fact that the gameplay will offer many more minions than three, gamers will be able to unlock them whenever they want. So, download minion rush and enjoy being a minion.

Additional Information:

App name Minion rush mod apk
Size  103 MB
Requirements 5.0 and up
Worldwide download 1 million+
Mod features Free shopping, unlimited coins
Publisher Gameloft SE
Version 9.1.0g

Minion Rush MOD APK Game Overview

This modified version of the minion rush offers a lot to the gaming community if we look at it in detail. However, players can fully benefit from all the features, including premium. Also, it is a 3D animation franchise game; that’s why all the minion characters look so realistic. The gameplay of the minion rush mod apk new version will provide many new tools compared to minion rush mod apk old version. Players can visit various locations in this journey to eat every coin and banana.

Minion rush mod apk gameplay

Several other areas are also a part of the gameplay, such as Mignon beach, Gru’s laboratory, the Durakavalion, and many more. You can see many places that you’ve seen in famous movies. Though, after all these elements and tools, gamers will face many dangerous bosses in the game’s future.

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Minion Rush MOD APK  Features:

  • Various characters:

Gamers will have 3 types of minion characters, including villains and bosses. But players can only control the main minion character, Carl, Jerry, or Dave. While playing, first-time players will only have a chance to enjoy the “Dave” character, and others will come later. However, at some point, these four minion characters will also compete. The Dave minion character has more to avail compared to other characters.

  • Powerups:

Gadgets execute particular functions in the game while playing, and players can use their powerups as gadgets. They can use it anytime to eat more bananas than usual. Additionally, these powerups can be used to attack the dangerous bosses and other minions that are playing against you. All the powers you can have after wearing any specific costume. 

  • Costumes:

The costumes of minions in this game are not usual because each outfit will have something unique and something very different to offer to the minion. Each character will have powers to provide to eat more bananas and coins, and the minions can also defeat their boss’s enemies with the help of these costumes. However, Dave has more outfits than other minions. That’s why “Dave” is this game’s most demanding and worrying character. Also, choose the perfect costume for your minion before playing according to the scenario. Moreover, players can earn more costumes with more powers through prizes and rewards.

  • Earning of bananas:

In minion rush mod apk 8.6.0d, players focus on earning bananas. You can consider bananas are the primary currency of this game. Collecting bananas also depends on the outfit of the minion you choose before playing. Also, each character will have different power of earning bananas, and you’ll have to select a costume to get the massive amount of bananas to make more costumes and rewards.

Minion Rush MOD APK  Features

  • Various locations:

The minion rush apk has a variety of locations and areas to explore. In the beginning, players will have three corridor lines, and they can choose to enter from any corridor. Each lane of the passage will have various areas and locations for the gamers to explore and enjoy. However, all three halls have vast quantities of bananas and cousins to collect. Apart from bananas, you’ll have to face many obstacles in every lane. So, no matter which route you choose to go on, you must’ve to face challenges.

  • Hilarious chapters:

The game is not that simple as it has many chapters. But at the same time, nobody can play another chapter properly until they collect the required amount of fruit in one chapter. Once they collect the needed fruits, they can go further into another branch. Though you can play any chapter anytime without any requirement, it’ll lose the charm of challenges.

  • Modes:

Apart from the single-playing mode, gameplay will provide various ways for the players in which they can choose to play challenges among many players. Additionally, through these modes, gamers can choose any desired locations. Because of these modes, players can explore various areas and places whenever they want, and each site will offer extra fun and amusement.

Minion Rush MOD APK Game Overview

Minion Rush Mod Features:

  • Anti-ban:

Though the minion game is hacked edition, it won’t cause any hurdles after downloading because it’s wholly anti-ban, and it’s legal and checked by the higher authorities before launching. So feel free to download the minion game because it won’t get banned at any moment.

  • Unlimited money:

Access to unlimited money in the game is one of the most fantastic mod features of the game. Because by using this unlimited money, gamers can buy anything from the game’s shop of this minion game. Additionally, minion rush mod apk (unlimited money 2022) will never get less in quantity even if you avail these millions of times.

  • Access to rewards:

Gameplay will offer plenty of offers to the gamers in which they’ll have various rewards and powers. Fortunately, players will have full access to all these unlimited rewards and capabilities. They can pick any prize anytime to power up their character. Additionally, they’ll earn many other awards and fruits by playing well. These rewards will benefit everyone and help them to the fullest to do better while playing; because of these rewards, gamers can earn more authentic rewards and powers.

  • Unlimited free shopping:

The minion rush mod apk free shopping will add charm to the game because it’ll help players do unlimited shopping and total times while playing. Additionally, they won’t have to pay a single penny to buy anything while shopping as it’s completely free of charge. Gamers can purchase anything they need or want, including rewards, powerups, characters, and many more.

  • Unlimited tokens and bananas:

As bananas are the most precious asset in minion games. That’s why this modified version will provide players access to unlimited bananas along with unlimited tokens. The more bananas you’ll have, the more you’ll earn rewards and the more challenges you’ll face. Additionally, these tokens will help everyone appropriately while playing the game whenever they want to go forward into any other chapter of this game.

Minion Rush MOD APK unlock costumes

  • Advertisement free:

Playing a game with no advertisement is heaven, and that’s what the minion game’s this version offers. Nobody will have to watch a single ad while downloading or playing a game. Even if anybody avails anything free or wants to switch to another chapter without competing for the previous one, the game still doesn’t require watching any advertisement. Moreover, no matter which device you download this game, you won’t have to go through a single ad.

  • Nothing premium:

Now premium features are no more a problem because, in Minion mod apk latest version, developers have not added a single premium feature for the gamers. The whole community will get the full game free from all the premium stuff. It doesn’t mean you won’t get any premium features, but you’ll get everything unlocked and easily accessible. All the premium features at unlocked in this version and won’t ask gamers to do anything to unlock them.

  • Free of charge:

Nobody will have to invest a single $ to play a minion game now. Because Minion apk is offering everything free of cost, not just downloading but also playing in any mode, including solely or multiplayer. Now everyone can have real minion fun without getting paid. So, download the minion’s current version to enjoy all the fun.

Players review of Minion mod apk:

  • This is one of the most fantastic minion games I’ve played. It has everything that I always wanted to have in runner-up games. Playing it for so long and will surely keep playing it.
  • Start playing it at the suggestion of some friends, and after one try, I fell in love with it because of the game’s epic quality. Also, the game has all the premium features free of charge.

How to install Minion Rush on Android?

  1. Make sure to delete older version of minion game if you’ve already on your android device.
  2. Go to setting to enable “unknown sources” to keep yourself from unnecessary questioning.
  3. Then download the apk file of Minion rush.
  4. After a few minutes, it’ll be installed, so start enjoying it. 

How to install it on a PC?

  1. First, download Despicable Me minion rush on your PC.
  2. Bluestacks downloading and installing is compulsory.
  3. Wait until the program is running.
  4. After all this procedure, you launch the minion rush game on your PC.
  5. You’re ready to enjoy the game. Let’s start.

How to install it on Mac?

  1. Install the bluestacks on your Mac device.
  2. At the top right corner, there will be a search bar; mention the game name in that search bar.
  3. The game name will pop up; click on that game name.
  4. Don’t forget to sign in the Google.
  5. The game will download immediately.
  6. Go to your device’s home page, and there you’ll see the game icon; start playing from there.

What’s new?

In this updated version, you will have a variety of new rewards and powers. That’s why they can transform their minion characters into more powerful. Also, the one exciting costumes are only available in this edition to entertain players. All these new costumes are fortunately unlocked, unblocked, and free of charge. Moreover, the new minion characters are also part of the game now. So, you’re going to enjoy more new minion characters.


Is the minion game safe to download or harm the device?

Developers made this app most accurately and safely to provide gamers with the most secure and safe services and amusement. Additionally, not only the downloading but also the playing game is very confident, and it’s safe in all the ways for your device as well, including Android, Mac, and Pc.

How many main characters will we have?

Though the gameplay will provide three categories of characters, there will be three main characters: Jerry, Dave, and Carl. Being a new player, you’ll start playing as Dave because this character has more powerful costumes that provide unbelievable use of grades and power to the surface to let down the enemies and to earn more bananas.

Can we only use this game on android devices?

No, you can download this hacked modified version on your Android and Mac devices and not only on the mobile device but also on the Pc. Moreover, downloading the game on all types of devices is very easy and straight; still, if you don’t know how to download it, you can follow the instructions mentioned above.

Do we have only one journey to go?

No, the gameplay has different journeys in the same game in the form of chapters. Though you can play any branch anytime, if you want to play it correctly, then complete the chapters line by line, and it’ll only happen if you meet all the requirements of any chapter to go forward into the upcoming chapter.

Yeah, don’t worry about the legalization or banning. Players can keep this game without any hurdles and without getting worried about banning it. As it’s entirely passed by, the higher authorities. 


To enjoy the minion game to the fullest, download the minion rush mod apk, where you’ll have various ways to have fun and amusement without spending a single penny. Also, you’ll have a chance to enjoy all the famous minion characters you’ve only seen in favorite movies and series. Adding new exciting minions will also provide ultimate fun to the gamers. So, download the game right now on any device you want. Such as Android, Mac, and Pc, where you won’t have to pay a single penny for anything.

- The “Rise of Minions” Special Missions conclude with a Vicious 6 run-in - The Minions sneak aboard a flight to San Francisco in the latest Special Mission: Rise of Minions Pt. 2! - A new playable Minion is joining the team soon. - More prizes are available in the new daily check-in

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